28/02/2010: Gulbis wins his career first ATP singles title

I’ve had a lot of thoughts from this match, and from all the comments I happened to read after it, and about it.
I’ve seen people say that this is our moment, that now his fans know what he’s capable of, that he did this for us, that now we know we were right, that we can watch the haters straight in the eyes and prove them wrong.
Well, you know what? I could do this all even before, because I’ve never been in doubt Erno can be a great player. I knew it from the first time I saw him playing, and there were some people who were there before me and they did know this before me, and better than me.
It’s not a matter of convincing the others that Erno is a good player, who can show amazing shots. To me it is not fundamental that everyone knows that, because that is a matter of fact. Like the earth is not flat: people didn’t know that in the middle age, but still the earth was round.
And this is not exactly our moment: this is his moment. He didn’t make it for us, he never thought about us neither for a second. He did it for himself, maybe for  his parents, too, but primarily for himself. And this is nothing less than right.
We can just sit and watch him – and maybe shout our joy or pain out, but only if we are sure we won’t bother him by doing this… 



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El búho deja su meditación, limpia sus gafas y suspira. Una luciérnaga rueda monte abajo, y una estrella, se corre. El búho bate sus alas y sigue meditando. Federico Garcia Lorca
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