Francis Alÿs, due anni fa

…what we are really doing when we walk though the city is thinking, and thinking in such a way that our thoughts compose a journey, and this journey is no more or less than the steps we have taken” Paul Auster
when i can sum up an idea in an anecdote that can be easily transferred, it means that it belongs to no-one; it becomes socialised and can be infinitely reproduced” Francis Alÿs
my work is a series of notes and orientations. the invention of the language is on a par with the invention of the city” Francis Alÿs
Mis pasos en esta calle
resuenan en otra calle
donde oigo mis pasos
pasar en esta calle
solo es real la niebla
A journalist once asked Jorge Luis
Borges what he thought about
space travels. Looking absently at
the window, Borges answered that
as far as he knew all travels were in
Need of classification
I individue a type
a form
outside myself.
The splitting of logical consequences
makes me react as a dead leaf.
Shocked and iced,
built by surprise and misunderstanding:
those black stones generate
my own flux of mental movements,
shape and melt down my ego,
new once again.
One step means a billion thoughts,
if I cover a mile – I could live a life.
— Why sometimes a Part means nothing if you can’t reach the whole? —
Border gets
colder when
space delivers
void. You
swim in a
pool of nothing
and LOSE your
identity. What we
are is a development
of what we see.
(Eventually around your neck
ugliness stops existing
and I fall in extasys).

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El búho deja su meditación, limpia sus gafas y suspira. Una luciérnaga rueda monte abajo, y una estrella, se corre. El búho bate sus alas y sigue meditando. Federico Garcia Lorca
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